REALbasic Example Projects


These are example projects geared to the first edition of my REALbasic book. Most of them are simply source projects demonstrating example code in the book, and will serve to clarify what the book is saying, or save you the effort of re-typing the code. Some of them improve upon the book’s example code, occasionally in ways that were not feasible in a printed medium. A few of them didn’t make it into the book, for one reason or another.

If you have the book, you can consult these projects easily by page number. Each project’s name starts with “p” and the number of the page to which it is keyed. Note that some projects are keyed to a span of pages, and some are keyed to a non-contiguous set of pages, so look carefully at the names when hunting for an example.

Be sure to consult the list of examples on my home page as well. Those examples demonstrate numerous techniques and devices that I didn’t feel it worthwhile to repeat here.

Bear in mind that you will need REALbasic 2.1a5 or later even to open these projects, and that version 2.1 is the only readily available version under which they will reliably run. Those whose names end in New require the most recent beta of version 3. When version 3 goes final, all the projects will be converted and updated.

Here they are (about an 800KB download).


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