REALbasic Book Second Edition Afterthoughts


These are errata, desiderata, updata, and miscellaneous shmata connected with the second edition of my REALbasic book.

(If you were looking for the errata on the first edition, go here. You would only need that, though, if you’ve never upgraded beyond REALbasic 2.1; if you’re using REALbasic 3.2 or 3.5, the new edition of the book incorporates those corrections and much more.)

p. 654
Last code example. In Mac OS X 10.1 you no longer have to supply the full pathname for osascript, and you must use -e if you’re supplying a line of code rather than a filename. So the next-to-last line of code would now read:

    s.execute "osascript -e '" + script + "'"



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